Noemi Goudal

Noemi Goudal’s photographic work is principally concerned with re-framing and narrating ideas of space; how it is imagined, dreamed and privately conceived. In her most recent project, entitled Les Amants, she examines “the invasion of man-made elements into organic landscapes introducing the passionate relationship that societies maintain with the world they live in, their desperate need of exploration and possession.” As a consequence, Goudal’s photographs initially appear to be straightforward landscape shots; however, on closer inspection, they reveal the tainted presence of man. To my mind, the imposition of synthetic objects into the natural environment provides a two-fold interrogation of how the alteration of natural scenery has both a positive and negative impact on space. Regardless of your reading, there is no doubting that Goudal has amazing talent.

Goudal will be exhibiting her work in both London and Milan before the end of the year. More details can be found on her site.


October 4, 2010