Instant Untitled by MOS

Nevermind that the world is running out of helium, balloons are popping up everywhere. This week we’ll see three projects by architects informed by balloons; the first is Instant Untitled by MOS. What really caught my attention about I.U. was the project description which is more commentary on describing projects than an actual description of Instant Untitled:

“Well, when we finally write our text we will definitely tell you that it does, indeed, mean something and it does reference things, but why would you really want to know all of that anyway? Do you really think it would make it better? What about just enjoying this weird artifice, this fake social space? Hey, it wiggles. Look at this strange alternate environment made of reflections and repetitions. Enjoy the visual noise. Have you ever seen N.A.S.A.’s Echo project? Google it. What can we say, we just love the aesthetics of radar reflectors and inflated satellites. They are of another reality. Seriously, even if we wanted to fully explain it to you at this very moment, we couldn’t. Even though we’re trying not to be, we’re only human. Also, they need this text before we’ve finished the design. Did we mention that we are working with the son of Andy Warhol’s “Silver Clouds” fabricator? We’re very excited about this. He lives in Duluth.”

So what is Instant Untitled? It’s sustainable! Portions of the project description say that it’s the most sustainable thing in Venice, while other portions of the same paragraph conclude that this isn’t significant and shouldn’t be mentioned. The stream-of-consciousness┬átext relates frustration. Frustration of being expected to describe a project even before its completion. The frustration of reducing spaces to text; the frustration of architectural precedent. Let’s simply say that Instant Untitled is a cluster of gas-filled mylar balloons tethered and grounded by a network of nylon straps connected to metal plates.

Doesn’t that say enough?


October 4, 2010