Free City Los Angeles

A few weeks back I went to the opening of the Free City, a Los Angeles based clothing company that sells some… interesting garments. To be honest, the clothes they sell aren’t really my style, I don’t need a $300 sweatshirt with a gradient bird logo on it. That said, the new space they created on Fairfax is an amazing burst of color. The space looks like an old warehouse that’s had a few walls built into along with about a million pieces of color stuff.

As you can see in the photos this place is jam packed with stuff. I love the Kevin Cyr-esque bicycle with tons of packages on the back and a rickshaw that looks like it’s been blinged out by hippies. They even sell bread and drinks and stuff like that, it’s pretty amazing. I can’t say that I would ever recommend the clothes, but if you’re in town you should definitely check out the space.


October 3, 2010