Space Suit of the Week

The current issue of the Oxford American is all the about the future. If you’re unfamiliar with the Oxford American, it is a quarterly literary magazine that focuses on southern writers and culture. So why bring it up? While there are definitely stories by southern writers and about southern culture in this issue, it addresses questions that are larger than the region.For instance, the above illustration is featured in an excellent essay by Robert Zimmerman about the future of manned space mission in the United States. It’s easy to get lost in the awe of how we get into space, but Zimmerman argues there are strong reason why we should go into space and spread American democracy throughout the cosmos. At risk? Goldilocks planets becoming “hellholes of tyranny and oppression.”

But that’s not the only story in the current issue, there’s also a  features about a Buckminster Fuller dome in Baton Rouge written in hexagonally-composed prose; a story about the redevelopment of a museum designed by Frank Gehry that Hurricane Katrina squashed with a floating casino; a Jack Pendarvis piece called “I Don’t Hate It! Larry King and Lady Gaga are the Same, and other signs of the coming apocalypse.” Plus others.

Most importantly, I found this week’s Space Suit of the Week in the Oxford Amerian: a poster created in 1980 for this Chinese Space Program with the title: Bringing his Playmates to the Stars. Sadly, It looks like the cat isn’t playing nice and is hoarding all the Fancy Feast.


October 1, 2010