‘To Slow Down The Time: Stories’

One of my very talented friends Matt Allard, along with co-collaborator and illustrator Ian Dingman, has released a new book called To Slow Down The Time: Stories. The book takes a really interesting, somewhat backwards approach. Instead of Matt writing the stories and Ian creating illustrations, Matt was actually inspired by Ian’s art and created stories around his pieces. It makes for a great and interesting read, seeing how Matt interprets Ian’s images and crafts these great, short stories. Ian’s drawings are also quite charming and are filled with detail and character, as evidenced above.

It’s also worth mentioning that Matt and Ian published the book themselves which is an endeavor all in it’s own. I’ve already poured over my copy and it’s great to see them follow through with this passion project.

You can preview the book by clicking here or grab yourself a copy for $20 by clicking here.

September 30, 2010