The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Mr. Kiji

Mr. Kiji

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a desktop wallpaper and I’m honestly sorry about that. To be honest the idea has become a bit stale to me, though I know a lot of you really love seeing something new every week. Well I’m happy to say that in the coming weeks I’ve got a new approach to the wallpapers which I personally find interesting and I hope you’ll like. Until then, I’ve got a few wallpapers that I’ll start giving away in the interim to tide you over, sound good?

This week’s wallpaper is from a guy named Mr. Kiji, whom you might remember from this post several months back. We actually started talking because of Twitter and I asked him if he’d be down to make a wallpaper and he graciously obliged. Halloween is a month and a day away so I thought this would be perfect for those of you looking to get a little spooky early.

I’m pretty sure black foxes hang out in graveyards a lot just like this guy above. Does anyone else think this wallpaper kinda’ looks like camo as well? Or is just me?


P.S. I’ll be discontinuing the PSP size from now on and replacing it with the mega-sized 2650 x1440, something a lot of you have been asking for. In addition, the iPhone wallpaper is now retina display compatible for your iPhone 4, but still works fine on all other models as well.

September 30, 2010