Rachel Whiteread: Drawings

I’m not entirely familiar with the work of Rachel Whiteread but after watching this video created by the Tate (yes, the museum) I’m becoming quite a fan. Born in 1963 she was the first woman to win the Turner prize and is known for her sculptures, installations and drawings. Her most famous piece (and my favorite part of the video above) is a piece called House, which was a concrete cast of a Victorian house and the reason for winning her the Turner prize. Basically she filled an entire house with concrete and then removed the outer shell of the house, leaving a ghostly hollow remaining on the grounds.

I guess she recently had a show at the Hammer Museum here in Los Angeles, I’m bummed that I didn’t get to see it. If any of this sounds interesting you should definitely watch the video.

Found through Curated


September 30, 2010