Elke Kramer SS 2010-11

In the midst of my usual chronic clicking syndrome I stumbled upon the Spring/Summer 2010-11 collection from Australian accessories designer Elke Kramer and immediately stopped in my tracks. Hello gorgeous colour, beautiful texture and quasi-ethnic style! With the evocative title The Shake of Ophelia, Kramer’s latest collection is “inspired by the story of a beautiful young girl born into a life of luxury and privilege at the turn of the 19th century, whose sense of adventure leads her to exotic lands.” The varied use of materials is amazing: tassels, resin beads and stones are integrated into the designs to produce unique statement pieces. Plus the styling of the lookbook is stunning, wonderfully summoning the narrative of nomadic life, exotic tribalism and high class behind the jewellery.



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  1. cravenmaven September 30, 2010 at 1:16 PM

    love love love. I used to wear a headwrap about six years ago and it really adds another dimension to ones posture, attitude and style..those were good times. The bold patterns (at least bold for my restrained clothing palette), are so decadent. It must feel amazing to wear these clothes – love it.

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