Jodee Knowles

Australian artist Jodee Knowles produces artworks that are visually alluring and yet slightly disturbing in their complexity. The subjects of her pieces are generally females whose portraits evoke strength and beauty, as well as fragility and unease. When asked to describe her influences during an interview with weAREtheIMAGEmakers, Knowles commented:

My works are taken from life experience and people in general, I spend a lot of time looking at peoples mannerisms and take their negative attributes and put them in my works. My work portrays my own existence, where extreme experiences, fear and obsession collide. I am always hungry for emotional experiences and am addicted to the chaotic environment of them. Each work represents and displays my connection with individuals who are involved in my life emotionally, and whose existence causes me to constantly question my own.

By drawing on the negative, Knowles sets up an exquisite tension in her work that strips back emotional layers that bleed on the canvas. Predominantly using ink and some watercolour effects, each piece captures the melancholy details, grimaces, pauses and ellipses of life.


September 28, 2010