Squid Capsule by Layer

Yesterday, the sun set on the last official day of summer. Now it’s time to ignore the lingering heat, dress in layers, and make way to Materials and Applications to see Squid Capsule before the exhibition closes at the end of the month. Squid Capsule is an installation by Layer– a design partnership between sci-arc graduates Lisa Little and Emily White. The installation amplifies ambient weather conditions within tapered plastic compartments that manifests as condensation. Meanwhile, in Pasadena, another installation (titled Fat Fringe) by Layer has been installed at the Pasadena Museum of California Art as part of the California Design Biennial. Fat Fringe began as a collaborative workshop hosted by Layer and Materials and Applications investigating how to cut and fold paper on a large scale. Fat Fringe closes at the end of October.

When Abitare asked Emily White why installations were attractive to the pair, she responded “Installations are fun! Compared to larger scale construction, they allow much more immediate experimentation with materials, program, processes, form. Because of their experimental nature, they also inspire critique and conversation.”


September 22, 2010