Neil Kellerhouse

Someone on Twitter yesterday mentioned the work of Neil Kellerhouse, a Los Angeles based designer who’s work you’ve probably seen before. He’s done posters for The Social Network, I’m Still Here and Antichrist, as well as a ton of covers for Criterion Collection movies such as The Man Who Fell To Earth and Seven Samurai.

There’s a lot of similarity in his work but that’s an aspect I really like. There’s a lot of vignetting, dark saturated colors, low contrast images, so on and so forth. But somehow he’s able to make each project feel like it has it’s own identity. The poster for The Eclipse (middle, left) uses smudged pencil for the title and cast which gives it a wonderful haze and I love the random cutout of the man’s face. It’s similar in tone to the other two posters in the same row but it’s doubtful that you would ever mix them up. His work also feels quite contemporary and fresh, like he’s not borrowing from any particular aesthetic, past or present, which is amazing to me. I’m honestly quite excited to see more of Neil’s work in the future.


September 21, 2010