Matt Taylor

I love when I come across new artists really randomly. In this case Mr. Matt Taylor retweeted something I had written on Twitter. His user icon was pretty rad looking, so of course I did some investigating and sure enough he’s a pretty rad illustrator. Matt lives in Brighton, England is inspired by “comic books, faded Americana, found photos, wildlife, wild music, National Geographic magazine, Jack Kirby and artists too numerous to mention.”

What I love about Matt’s style is how it’s simple, bold and extremely graphic. In many pieces, like those seen above, he uses a minimal amount of colors but he’s still able to pull off an incredibly dynamic feeling by using them in just the right places like in the rim of the bikes or the feathers in the girl’s headdress. But don’t be fooled, a lot of his pieces are much more colorful and detailed than these, such as this piece he did for Computer Arts Projects, which is so frigging detailed and the colors are brilliant.

Be sure to check out the rest of his work and if you’re so inclined, his shop where he stocks a number of posters. He also has a Flickr with more detailed looks at his work and a Twitter if you’re of the tweeting variety.


September 20, 2010