Lost World’s Fairs

My Twitter stream has been blowing up this morning about a new project called Lost World’s Fairs, which as you can guess, is a collection of World’s Fairs that have been lost or are yet to happen. Microsoft hired design/illustrators Frank Chimero, Jason Santa Maria and Naz Hamid to go create awesome scenes which included fancy fonts as IE 9 now supports Web Open Font Format, which is basically going to make the web a much prettier place in the near future.

The outcome was phenomenal as Frank created a deep diving Atlantis adventure, Jason went out to the moon and Naz explored the ancient city of El Dorado. I love how Frank’s design deep dives 20,000 leagues under the sea and the fonts in Jason’s moon display are sooo beautiful. I’d love to see this collection expanded by other artists in the future.


September 15, 2010 / By