Elana Herzog

Elana Herzog predominantly specialises in site-specific artworks using found textiles and metal staples that she refers to as “sculptural drawings.” Re-figuring everyday and domestic fabrics, such as bedspreads and carpets, Herzog’s pieces possess a feminine aesthetic that is complicated by the hard shards of metals holding the textiles to each mural. Considering this use of specific materials, Herzog has included the following description in her bio:

My materials, often cheap, tacky, or discarded household items and fabric, challenge conventions of taste and beauty and draw attention to how art and design migrate throughout culture, from high to low and back again, reinterpreted by industry to meet the needs of different markets and trends. My work negotiates a thin line between attraction and repulsion, pain and pleasure, vulgar and sublime. I am fascinated by the way form is generated by growth and decay, construction and destruction.

The play on opposites – fabric/metal, delicate/damaged, feminine/masculine, ornament/art – and the contrast of textures makes for beautiful and engaging viewing.


September 15, 2010