11 Kilometers of Chain

If your grandmother ha(d/s) the same taste in lampshades as my grandmother, then you may have known the joy of running your fingers across the beaded fringe while waiting for adults to finish doing boring things… and then getting in trouble. “Don’t break it!” That’s why I can’t look at the above images without wanting to see the 11 kilometers (that’s almost 7 miles) of chain hanging from the perimeter of the building ripple in waves. During the day, the chains help mitigate the sun’s rays and shade the building; at night, the chains catch light from the inside the building and make it glow like a lantern. The effect is fantastic and begs for a video of the building on a windy night.

The project is by Studio Kuadra for Cooperative Credit Bank and is situated in Fossano, Italy.


September 14, 2010