The Perfect Five

Life is weird and small a lot of times. Take for example last week when I was added on Twitter by a woman named Sophie. As it turns out Sophie works at myspace like I do, although she wokrs internationally, but she also runs an awesome and simple blog called The Perfect Five. The idea is simple, she picks 5 songs based around the following criteria:

1. Hyped / 2. Covered / 3. Classic / 4. Remixed / 5. Loved

The result is a fun blend of music from all kinds of places. I haven’t been following it long enough to see the range of music but if it’s anything like the mix about, featuring Aretha Franklin, Justin Bieber, a Interpol cover, Dave Sitek from TV on the Radio and a band you may never have heard of, then you’re in for a treat.


September 13, 2010