Sufjan Stevens’ ‘The Age of Adz’ Preview

<a href="">The Age of Adz by Sufjan Stevens</a>

Sufjan Stevens is totally back in action lately and I couldn’t be more excited. First he released the All Delighted People EP, which I’ve personally had on repeat lately, and now he’s prepping the release of his next full album, The Age of Adz. According to WIkipedia the album is pronounced Age of “Odds” (just so you can tell your friends and be cooler then they are) and is Sufjan’s first album in 5 years. You can get a taste of the new album by listening to the two songs above which are also available to download, which is a great move on his part.

It’s also interesting to note that Sufjan has completely abandoned having a person site in favor of Bandcamp. You can still visit but it just wants to take you to Asthmatic Kitty. My guess is that it’s a lot easier for people to not only listen to his albums as well as purchase them. What’s more is most of them are $8 but Illinoise and The Avalanche are a steal at only $5. This is pretty big for Bandcamp which is a fairly young site. Could it be a sign of movement toward using Bandcamp as a means to sell and distribute music on a larger platform?


September 13, 2010