The Power of Music

I listen to music on a constant basis. If I’m at home working, riding my bike to work or travelling on the bus I always have my computer/iPod playing. It’s not that I don’t enjoy silence, it’s the fact that music is an outlet for my moods. If I’m feeling sad I can put on Bright Eyes, or if I’m happy and want to dance I’ll throw on Erlend Øye’s Dj Kicks album… these sort of things enhance a feeling I already have. The video above is similar in many respects.

Two men on different sides, fighting for different reasons, but feeling the same emotion despite the differences. I watched this video on the bus the morning and I honestly got teary eyed. I suggest you turn the volume up loud when he begins to play, close your eyes and completely soak it in.

Via Coudal


September 9, 2010