Toro Y Moi Spring Tour 2010

I have a small confession to make: I have a slight aversion to live gigs. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I don’t like hearing my favourite bands play live, it’s just that something always happens to spoil the experience. I tend to wind up standing behind the tallest guy at the venue and see little to nothing. I was, on one memorable occasion, drenched in someone’s beer after they rocked out so hard they sent it flying across the room. I have stood next to people who do not sing along to the band’s songs, but scream along in an unbridled frenzy of hideousness.

It for these reasons that I am much obliged to Jordan Bee for following Chaz Bundick and his band as Toro Y Moi embarked on their spring tour of America. Not only does the video feature footage of the band performing, but is also chock full of behind-the-scenes vignettes and fun moments. I almost felt like I was there, but without the post-gig malaise.*

Part two can be viewed here. Parts three, four and five are on their way.

* I should state that if Toro Y Moi ever come to Australia I will definitely brave the beer sprays and pushing fans to see them live. Heck, I’ll even through them a party.

Editors Note: Don’t forget Chaz did a couple of great wallpapers for The Desktop Wallpaper Project!


September 6, 2010