Brett Albert

I’m excited to share with you a video made by an extremely talented friend of mine, Brett Albert. ¬†Brett and I met at a pizza party six years ago as undergraduate architecture students and although he stole the last piece of cheese pizza as I was reaching for it, we became friends. He has no memory of this and insists that we met at a Zoo.

Brett recently graduated with a Master’s degree from Harvard and his video sets snippets of serious coursework to music intended for… a slightly different demographic. The result is probably the best use of a Ke$ha song you’re likely to see today. But even without the music, Brett’s work stands out because of his ability to critically conceive and develop projects (projects that are usually rendered in some pretty fabulous colors). It also doesn’t hurt that he tends to work insanely hard, forsaking friends and sleep alike to squeeze additional juice out of his brain or muscles and into his projects.

With this video, we get to drink that juice… and it tastes a lot better than a cold piece of pizza.


September 2, 2010