The Apple Pan, Old School Burgers Done Right

If you happen to follow my Twitter you know I like to eat a lot. I’d never use the word foodie but I definitely have a taste for the finer side of cuisine. That shouldn’t necessarily be interpreted as fancy or expensive, I just like unique dining experiences. So a couple of months back I paid a visit to The Apple Pan, one of Los Angeles most famous burger joints, and took some photos and ate some delicious food.

To start, the place is extremely simple. It’s a long, U-shaped counter surrounding two grills, basically. The menu itself is just as simple, featuring around a dozen food items and an arrangement of beverages (you can see a peak of the menu at the unofficial Apple Pan website). As you can see from the menu they haven’t changed much since they opened in 1947. When I went I had the Steakburger with melted Tilamook cheese, wanting to stick with the classic. I also had an order of french fries and a heaping of ketchup. As expected everything was delicious, and Im pretty sure I scarfed it down in record time.

To finish things off I had a slice of apple pie and a cup of coffee. I can’t imagine a more perfect to be honest, and it was delicious. The apples were juicy and the crust was crisp but not overdone. You’re probably drooling over your keyboard at this point. If you’re in Los Angeles or plan on visiting it’d be worth your time to visit and grab a bite.


August 31, 2010