James Ward

British illustrator James Ward utilises his interest in natural history and narrative as a starting point for creating his artworks that often involve anthromorphising animal subjects. Transposing his illustrations onto a variety of different surfaces – including ceramics and paper – Ward has certainly tapped into a hidden animal subjectivity. My favourite works are his hand drawn side plates in which he employs his detailed and life-life illustration style to draw attention to the plight of wolves who just want a wee peck at a biscuit, cake-loving reindeer and sandwich-obsessed bears and mice. So next time you’re having a picnic in the woods spare a thought for the woodlands creatures hankering for a hit of sugar. When they come running up to you, foaming at the mouth with a crazed look in their eyes, just remember: they’re not after you – just what’s in your picnic basket.

A selection of Ward’s prints and crockery are available for purchase through his online shop.


August 31, 2010