St. Catherine’s Home for Lazy Infants

<a href="">Tangled Hair by St. Catherine’s Home for Lazy Infants</a>

Over the weekend my buddy Phillip tweeted about this ambient band called St. Catherine’s Home for Lazy Infants, which is in fact an Irishman that goes by the name Alex Synge. It’s perfect working music, as most ambient music is, with lots of acoustic guitar and droning sounds that are like a simplified Explosions in the Sky, but y’know, without the loud parts.

The preview above is for his album Old Ghosts which has 9 songs on it and is only €5, which is roughly $6.43 for us Americans. To sweeten the deal even more you can get it for 20% off by using the coupon code “LAZY”. Take a listen to the tracks above and if you enjoy what you hear be sure to buy it and support this guy.


August 30, 2010