Arcade Fire’s ‘We Used To Wait’ Interactive HTML 5 Video

Arcade Fire have yet again kept up with having the most innovative videos out there (suck it OK Go) and there latest creation for their song We Used To Wait is no exception. The video was created by Chris Milk along with the folks over at Google’s Chrome Experiments department and fully utilizes the browser as a portal for the video.

The first thing they ask is for you to “enter the address of the home you grew up in” and then begins to build a custom experience for you. The video starts in one pop-up, then adds another and another, layering the videos in time to the music. Then you start seeing your home in Google Street View, and then you see a satellite shot of your neighborhood… it’s pretty crazy but fun at the same time. I also drew the heart you see above, in case you go looking for it while watching the video and don’t see it.

To try it out for yourself click here. To see some behind the scenes stuff from the Chrom Experiments team click here.


August 30, 2010