Lateral Architecture

I’m too busy to buy a bookshelf, so all my books live in sad stacks on the floor. But I’m not as busy as Mason White and Lola Shepard who exhibited the clever book storage above way back in 2007 as part of an exhibition “THICK2D”. Together, Mason and Lola founded Lateral Architecture, based in Toronto. “The prototypes,” like the one above, they explain “capitalize on the idea of material thickness through nesting, stacking, stitching, and excavating.” Lola and Mason also make up part of the research collective InfraNet Lab and individually teach. Mason is a senior editor of Archinect, and juror for the first edition of Bracket, a forthcoming collaboration between InfraNet and Archinect in the form of an almanac. When the almanac (complete with “astronomical and meteorological data”?) hits bookstores in October, you’ll have to take it home to your inferior book storage. On the bright side, you have over a month to try and make a bookshelf, yourself.


August 24, 2010