Arcade Fire Tour Posters

I’ve really been enjoying the new Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs, though it took a bit of getting used to. It’s not that it’s bad it’s that it’s so damn catchy, where they’re previous albums were more… artsy, I guess. Anyhow, since I like the posters so much it makes these 2010 tour posters that much more amazing.

The posters were designed in collaboration between Ben LaFond of Burlesque Design and Dan Black of Landland and they couldn’t me any more epic. The poster at top is by far one of the raddest show posters I’ve ever see. All those colors and mayhem and bits, it’s just too cool for words. I guess you wouldn’t really have to worry much about registration with a poster like that, right? The other posters (there are more than you see above) are pretty nice as well, but that top poster? Man it’s amazing. Great work guys.

You can check out the rest of the posters by clicking here.

Thanks Caroline for the tip!


August 23, 2010