William Powhida

“GENIUS” artist (yes, the caps are intentional) William Powhida produces “amazing work” (again, the use of bold font is on purpose) and is currently “suffering a massive bout of ego inflation.” Now THAT is an artists’ biography. Unsurprisingly, this tongue-in-cheek humour and satirical tone is also present in his drawings and paintings. If he is not providing instructions on How To Destroy LA, Powhida is creating diagrammatic guides for an LA Makeover.

His work is deliciously self-reflexive and unapologetic in its critique of the contemporary art scene, as well as society in general. Whether you appreciate his style or not you have to admit that he is a provocateur of the first order. If we can take anything away from his work it is that “Nothing says ‘culture’ like bigass painting.” Nicely put, Mr Powhida – what an excellent endorsement for investment in the arts!


August 20, 2010