Os Gemeos and Futura 2000 Team Up for Huge NYC Mural

One of my all-time favorite artists Os Gemeos have recently finished a giant, beautiful mural in New York with the help of the eternal Futura 2000 and it’s just slightly amazing. It’s titled The Giant Project and is a huge mural in Chelsea on the exterior wall of PS 11 (320 West 21st street. The end result is amazing, like I can’t believe that a bunch of guys on a crane can create some so huge and beautiful.

I think Futura’s patterns work really well on the shirt and definitely blend in well with the twins’ art. Plus his flag pants are kind of amazing, like something you’d see in a Vampire Weekend video or something. Has anyone walked by and seen this in person yet?

Found through Defgrip


2 Comments Os Gemeos and Futura 2000 Team Up for Huge NYC Mural

  1. Moorea Seal August 20, 2010 at 9:53 PM

    hot damn, i LOVE THIS SO MUCH. the detail and shadowing in the mural is just incredible. I am an illustrator and never in my wildest dreams could I ever dream up something so gigantically awesome as a rad complicated/simple sweet illustration up on a huge wall…in chelsea. I love it.

    ps, the design of your blog is a dream. perfect type choices, perfect imagery and textures. I just stumbled across this blog through a friend, but ain’t nothin holding me back from visiting all the time now :)
    Wahoo for good taste and beautiful things!

  2. Elissa August 22, 2010 at 6:04 PM

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m obsessed with Os Gemeos and was a little sad to see their mural on Houston taken down (though the Shepard Fairey replacement was pretty cool). I’ll have to check it out this week!

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