The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Pavel Fuksa (Part 1)

Pavel Fuksa

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Last Friday I posted a wallpaper from a fella’ named Pavel Fuskaand mentioned that it was a preview to a huge batch of wallpapers from him. Well, here they are. Pavel went nuts and created a total of six wallpapers including variations when it comes to the iPad and iPhone versions. Here’s Pavel’s description of the wallpapers and translations as well:

I’ve decided to create the BGs in the style of classic czechoslovakian communist educational and informative posters:)

#1 – Don’t lick the black foxes!
#2 – The tears of black fox: Reinforce health – Increase productivity.
#3 – Collect the black foxes’ furskins!
#4 – Kitsune Noir I satellite – for the better understanding between nations.
#5 – Hotel Black Fox Prague.

Yet again, thanks Pavel, these are fantastic!


August 19, 2010