No, it’s not a parade of the people that always sit in front of you at concerts, nor is it a competition to make a hat for Lady Gaga in the tradition of Frank Gehry; instead, ¬†it’s a bunch of Environmental Design majors wandering around in hats they made. The video is longer than it needs to be, but the point is to look at the hats more than watch the movie. The students, from the University of Melbourne, were tasked to “take ideas from within their heads and place them, literally, on the outside […] by building a complex form made from paper and can be worn on the head.” The course coordinator was Stanislav Roudavski.

The faceted spheres and extruded squares stand out because because both avoid the crystalline-shard-approach that makes a lot of the work easy alluring¬†to build, but hard to distinguish. It’s not entirely dissimilar from certain Laurent Champoussin work if you take into account both the geometries and trying to maintain a casual posture with something absurd attached to your head and a camera zooming in on your face.


August 19, 2010