Expecting the Elbphilharmonie

As exciting as new buildings are, waiting for large public works to cross the finish line is less exciting. “Hurry up, architecture!” But since we’re going to be staring at a construction site for the next several years (or decades in some instances) why not… do something with the construction site other than just constructing. The Elbphilharmonie Hamburg has been in construction for over three years and still has two years until occupancy.  Meanwhile, Michael Batz did something when he covered the cranes with blue LEDs to promote tourism.  You can see the overall effect above, and below if you look closely at the orange crane, you can see the white strips of LEDs that enable the effect.

The architects of the Elbphilharmonie, Herzog & de Meuron are most widely-known for designing the “Bird’s Nest” Olympic Stadium in Beijing.  As much as facades can be anticipated, the work of H&dM often features innovative building skins.  We can start to see something happening in the lower photo with the surface of the building, but it’s more connect four than connecting to the initial renderings.  But that was so long ago, who can even remember what the renderings looked like?


August 18, 2010