Ferris Plock’s ‘Rest for the Wicked’

I was browsing through Michael of Yewknee’s Flickr photos yesterday (kinda creepy, I know) and I saw that Ferris Plock had an amazing new show at the Shooting Gallery in SF called Rest for the Wicked. The show is kind of a departure for Ferris, featuring his signature style but with a Japanese Ukiyo-e inspired twist. I’m really upset that basically the whole show is sold out (but congrats, Ferris) because I would have loved to buy one of these. I think the other awesome thing about these paintings are the patterns he made. They all feel really true to Japanese prints and the brightness of the colors really pop and look gorgeous.

For more info about the show be sure to check out the Shooting Gallery’s photos by clicking here.

August 17, 2010