Kitsune Noir Mixcast / No. 041

Kitsune Noir Mixcast / No. 041
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I know, I know, it’s been a couple weeks since the last Mixcast, but that’s ok, this one is extra special. I honestly had a mix last week but it was kind’a weak and lame. So I scrapped the whole thing and started from scratch, which thankfully birthed this gem of a mix. It’s kind of weird, kind of noisy, kind of electronic. It flows together really well, I think, blending from one dark thought to the next. There are old things and brand new stuff, but all of it’s wonderful.

As always, and I feel like I should write this more consistently, if you like something you hear be sure to support them in some way. Buy their album, buy their record, buy their t-shirt, see them play live, tell your friends. I feel like this is sort of a dumb thing to say, but that’s the whole point of these mixes, for people to find great new music.

Here’s this week’s tracklist:
Darkest Hour by Megafaun
..And The World Laughs With You by Flying Lotus Feat. Thom Yorke
Bachelorette by Björk
Melody Of Certain Three by Blonde Redhead
PJ In The Streets... by Xiu Xiu
Caramel Prisoner by AIR
Slowdance by Matthew Dear
The Numbers Song by DJ Shadow
Magic Doors by Portishead
Proud Evolution by Liars
Never Mind by Ganglians
On the Run by The Flaming Lips
Invisible by Fischerspooner
A Boy Like Me by Patrick Wolf


August 13, 2010