Amy Borrell

As a child my favourite books were from Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree series and, in looking at freelance illustrator and designer Amy Borrell’s “little explorer” illustration (pictured in the middle), I can’t help but think that maybe Borrell has also thought about climbing a ladder in the Enchanted Wood to uncover new lands. If such a thing was possible I would like to visit a land designed by Borrell herself.

Indeed, in the splendid visual list detailing a few of her favourite things, Borrell includes things such as afternoon tea, stormy weather, flamingos and spoons. Her online portfolio is overflowing with dear objects, traces of dreams and little ingĂ©nues that appear like characters in an e.e. cummings poem “whistling far and wee.” Working in a variety of media, the uniting style of Borrell’s work – which includes illustration, graphic design and the creation of jewellery and small objects – is a sense of wide-eyed wonderment and innocence. I think Ms. Blyton would be terribly impressed.


August 13, 2010