‘The Skin Surf’ by Tera Melos

My old friends from Tera Melos are it again with a brand new video for their song The Skin Surf. I’m guessing the video was inspired by the fact that my friends used to have a local public access show called Little Green Trees which was just a bunch of stupid kids making videos and taking phone calls. But we would use the kind of effects you see in the video, plus we’d shoot everything on VHS back then so it looked just like this.

Although, I think they guys have taken this stye and put a totally contemporary spin on it. Quite tongue in cheek but still awesome, in my opinion. Lots of weird stuff as well, and you might have a seizure watching it… you’ve been warned. And if you liked the song be sure to order their upcoming album Patagonian Rats (which comes out August 20) by clicking here.


August 9, 2010