Superhumanoids ‘Urgency’ EP

I’ve been listening to Superhumanoid’s new EP Urgency for several weeks now so I thought I’d share it this morning. It’s honestly been one of those go to albums for me when I need something good to listen to, even if it’s relatively short, clocking in at 6 songs. Obviously I think they’re great, but here’s how they describe themselves:

formed in a bedroom – an electronic experiment to escape the everyday of the everyday. dreams of a more public lifestyle have taken this reverie to an unconventional conclusion – a troupe that incorporates equal parts harmony and dissonance, programing and organic instrumentation, lush harmonies and sparse arrangements. an exploration of pop through a spaced-out, kaleidoscopic lens.

The best part is that you can download the EP for free by visiting their Soundcloud page, just click here and enjoy


August 9, 2010