‘Ohlone’ by Sunol

Last week I read a tweet from Kyle Blue saying he was really enjoying a band called Sunol, so I checked them out and I really liked what I heard. I couldn’t really find any info about the band though so I decided to write them, and as it turns out the band is two guys, Dave Zohrob and Johnny Abrahams, who recorded for a year in San Francisco and recently moved to Brooklyn to spend more time on music. About the songs above:

The opening song is a cover off of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk, but the rest of the tracks are originals, mostly rewritten from songs that Johnny has been returning to on and off for years. The album is a mix of mbira, banjo, guitar, shakers, drum machines, and many layers of vocals. We were aiming to combine a few different influences into something new — West African music, 70’s california hi-fi classic rock, and contemporary folk/rock like Beach House and Sufjan Stevens.

Like the Superhumanoids album you can also DL these jams for free from their website, which I’d suggest you do. Look at all the free music, pretty fun, right? And I’ve got a weird-o Mixcast which I’ll be releasing tonight as well, so you should be good for a while.


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