50 Great Voices

Growing up away from the West Coast, I always associated public radio with classical music, Car Talk and Saturday mornings in the wood-clad mini-van with my family. Even today, the public radio station in my hometown broadcasts music programming composed completely of classical music. So it was a surprise to me and my ears when I first heard KCRW while living in L.A.  “This is… public radio?” It was! Listening to Mornings Become Eclectic meant hearing new music and consistently discovering various artists and songs, all the while re-discovering public radio.

This year, NPR is producing 50 Great Voices: a series featuring well-known and niche-known artists with one thing in common: a panel of experts agreed they should be included in the series 50 Great Voices.  There are some familiar-sounding pipes in the shows aired thus far, as well as folks I’m not familiar with at all. Last week, the series featured one of my favorite voices: Bjork. And not only did I learn how to pronounce her name correctly, but also how Thom Yorke reacted the first time he heard her sing. (I haven’t cried listening to any of the voices unfamiliar to me  just yet, but the series is barely half-way over.)

Hear something you haven’t before.


August 9, 2010