Still Life With Flotsam by Megan Barron

I was reading through the New York Times this morning and I came across these nice watercolor illustrations by Megan Barron of random objects found on the beaches of North Fork of Long Island. In her own words:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved walking along the beach and picking things up — shells, washed-up bottles, children’s toys. In 2009, I started making paintings of the objects I’d scavenged. Every day for a year, I’d come home, lay them on a table and experiment with different combinations, then render the piece using acrylic on paper. The objects depicted below were found on the North Fork of Long Island this year. I chose them both for the beauty of their forms and for what they say about our relationship with — and effect upon — the sea.

Click here to see the image at full size.


August 8, 2010