The Full Spectrum by Dwell, Directed by Gary Nadeau

Dwell Magazine has started a new color-centric video series called The Full Spectrum which takes a look at sources of color inspiration from unique places. The videos are put together by a fellow named Gary Nadeau who is a director and producer who has an amazing track record for rad videos.

The first video produced (which I posted second) features the work of Josef Albers, the modern day father of cooortgeory, while the second video (which I posted first) vists James Jurney at his store Seize sur Vingt in SoHo New York. Each episode is extremely well shot and thought out, exploring what color means to people and how it can effect your life. I’d say these are like the color versions of what The Scout is doing with his interview videos. I’ll be sure to post the third and final episode when it’s released.


August 6, 2010