Dane Lovett

Dane Lovett beautifully transforms the often dull art form of still life painting into a modern character study. Rather than using apples and oranges, Lovett paints cassette tapes and compact discs, and replaces flowers with plant offcuts in glass jars. In taking these objects as the focus of his artworks, he aims to explore “the many facets of ‘every-day’ existence. Ordinary people and their un-noticed way of life.” This approach is part of a project that encapsulates “a study of the mundane – an insight into the often over-looked aspects of day-to-day activities and human interaction.” Indeed, when gazing at Lovett’s lush acrylic, watercolour and gouache works, the viewer is afforded a view into the banal objects that reveal a tiny slice of someone’s personality.


August 6, 2010