Painters Workshop by A31 Architecture

A lot of us are quite particular when it comes to our workspaces, so imagine having the building above as your creative workshop. The building was built by A31 Architecture for Alexandros Liapis, a sculptor and painter who lives in Dilesi in Greece. The space seems quite open but extremely well protected at the same time. I love how the reinforced concrete is layered and then arches above the space, taking a classical shape but giving it a contemporary twist. My favorite part is definitely the gigantic window that lines the entire face of the building.

I would love to have a workspace like this, though I think it would just be me, a big desk and a computer. But if you wanted to put a group of people in here it could make for an amazing office… that’s you know, kind of in the middle of nowhere.

Found through Contemporist


August 4, 2010