Bicycle Bag by Saskia Korver

Lately I have been doing some research on buying a new bicycle and looking into accessories that are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Perusing through the various styles of bells, helmets and baskets, I stumbled upon the above bag created by Dutch design student Saskia Korver. When I typed in the Dutch description taken from Galerie ‘De andere Kant’ – where I assume Korver will be showing her designs – into my laptop’s language translator, I received the following brief:

Saskia Korver be inspired could by the military togs pocket and come with very particular pile up in which the line game is an important part.


Putting aside the dubious Dutch to English translation, Korver’s bag has clearly been crafted to look perfect both on and off your bicycle. Now if only she could design a fashionable helmet for ladies who want to protect their skull while also looking pretty.



August 4, 2010