Gracia + Louise

Although artists Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison, the dynamic duo behind Gracia + Louise, work out of their studio located in Melbourne Australia, I can’t help but imagine them as globetrotting lady adventurers. Armed with antique magnifying glasses and donning stylish vintage trench coats, Gracia and Louise elegantly traverse Moroccan souks, Icelandic seas, derelict natural history museums and tiger-filled jungles gathering inspiration for their artists’ books, zines, prints and postcards.

In my imaginary fiction, they also travel back in time. After indulging in a spot of afternoon tea with ladies from the Victorian era, placing found objects from prehistoric times in their pockets and collecting discarded family photographs, they return to the present – their bellies full of tea and scones – and begin creating paper wares the likes of which you can view and purchase on their online shop.

Perhaps I am getting slightly carried away, but I’m sure that if you spend some time admiring their work you will be too.


August 3, 2010