Brea Souders

Even though the heat index in my area was a balmy 119 degrees over the weekend, I can’t help but feel like the summer is leaving us. School starts this week for kids in my area, and this past weekend while grocery shopping I saw carts full of school supplies being pushed by kids with new-looking sneakers and tired-looking parents. This summer I wore my swimsuit a grand total of two times.  Of the two times I wore my swimsuit, it rained once and was overcast the other.  But those clouds have a silver lining: I escaped the itchy agony of my annual sunburn.

Brea Souders did survive the summer without the sun kissing her shoulders a little too hard. Brea is an outstanding photographer and the image above “Sunburn in Naples” is from a series addressing, in her words, her “identity as an American with very mixed European ancestry.” You can see other examples of her work, and follow her blog, if you’d like.  I’m guessing you could contact her if you’re interested in sending either aloe vera or sun-block, too.


August 2, 2010