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Ben Kirchner

Ben Kirchner is a UK based illustrator who’s art definitely made my morning. I think I came across his work on Flickr and was totally enamored with the way he used color and textures in his illustrations. Two of my favorite illustrations of his were these fake book covers that are in the same vein of old Penguin Books without being cheesy. The Hell’s Angel one is spot on, made up of some really great shapes, his mustache is especially nice. The onion head man totally reminds me of Parappa the Rapper which is reason enough to post it if you ask me.


Ana Montiel

If Spanish artist Ana Montiel’s short biography is anything to go by, she is quite the multi-tasker. Not content to run her design bureau Alan the Gallant, to create “neo-ornamental wallcoverings” for her brand Pattern Tales and to work on her solo artworks, she also bakes vegan cookies. Oh, and did I mention that she is a child prodigy? Born in 1981, she completed her first canvas painting at the tender age of four. It make me feel slightly exhausted just thinking about it.

Predominantly producing gorgeous hand-drawn patterns, Montiel’s designs have graced not only the walls of stylish interiors, but also sneakers, home wares and bicycles. I am particularly smitten with the lush pastel-toned patterns that feature in her portfolio and her cute lettering. I don’t know about you, but I would be happy to either wear her designs or have them on display in my home. If you are so inclined, you can purchase some of Montiel’s pieces at Gallant Tales.


Space Suit of the Week

If you met me as a child, you would learn that I haven’t always enjoyed imagining (and now reading about) how our bodies are protected from the vacuum of space. I was obsessed with dinosaurs until at least the 5th grade when I graduated to staring, for long periods of time, directly at the sun. Which is just a long and anecdotal way of saying  that I’ve never made my own Space Suit out of aluminium foil.

But it’s not too late.  Just last year, Aspen Mays made a space suit as part of her exhibition “1 percent of this is from The Big Bang.” The Space Suit above is titled “The Future of the Future.” Mays says this about the suit in a 2009 interview: “I do trace a lot of influence to a childhood feeling of possibility and armchair travel.  I grew up in a small town in the South where the worldview was fairly narrow, so a lot of my personal world was imagination and that kind of wanting to see something else. A piece like The Future of the Future is very connected to those kind of ideas.  With the mask being empty, it may feel a little melancholy in a lot of ways. But you could be inside that mask, it’s a sense of possibility.”

Mays’ work is fantastic, and much of it reflects her interest in science. If you’re interested in meteorites crashing through cubicles or curious about what Buckminster Fuller might have to do with a magic eight ball, I suggesting taking a field trip to her website. Currently, Mays is enjoying a Fullbright Scholarship in Santiago Chile, where she is working with astronomers.  I can’t wait to see how that experience manifests in her work.


Merci Registry

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I can honestly say that I have received some absolutely shocking presents in my time – shocking in the sense that they make you question your friendships and wonder whether your “friends” really know you. Case in point: a nylon, hot pink, stomach-baring top. I have never had anything hot pink in my wardrobe, I actively avoid synthetic fibres and I don’t put my stomach on display. Given the person bearing the gift had known me for 10 years, it was a most strange gift choice, indeed!

If it were appropriate to have a gift registry for any occasion, I would definitely opt to have one designed by Merci Registry. Created by Cheri Messerli and David Rager, Mercy Registry has been established to overcome the limitations of organising a wedding registry at one store. The beauty of their registry is that it can be customised to reflect the soon-to-be-married couple’s ultimate wish list. For example, the listed items on one of their sample registry themes range from the predictable (crockery) to the useful (a new mattress fund) to the delicious (Ladurée macaroons).

If you’re taking the plunge soon, there is a small and tasteful selection of registry templates to choose from (or you can customise your own design in conjunction with Messerli and Rager), which can then be filled with bespoke objects. At the very least, you should be able to avoid receiving some hot pink his and hers apparel.



I feel like this video should have it’s own category, which would be “motion graphics porn” because it’s such an amazing display of what’s actually possible if you know how to use some crazy programs. The video was made by a fell’a name Onur Senturk who seems like a guy who does motion graphics like this quite a bit, a skill I’m totally jealous of. That said it’s an absolutely beautiful video with so many interesting effects and details. A bit of eye candy for the end of the day.


‘Trapperkeeper’ by Low Limit

Since Alex posted a couple of destructive videos earlier this morning I thought I’d add to the mess. This isa music video for a band called Low Limit and the song called Trapperkeeper. It’s actually kind of a disturbing watching these tiny people being burnt to… puddle? The video was created by Paul Trillo with the help of Noah Cunningham who used a Canon 7D and Canon 50mm with a 100mm macro lens. It’s amazing the amount of detail the 7D picks up, just look at how the plastic begins to bubble and blacken.

Plus the song is pretty rad, kinda’ crazy but that’s the fun of it.


Official Trailer for ‘The Social Network’

The first official trailer for David Fincher’s Facebook-based film The Social Network is out and my god does it look great. The first thing you’ll notice is the music, a choir version of Creep by Radiohead as you see photos and icons and status updates. Around the 1 minute mark you see some actual footage and you can immediately see that this is absolutely a David Fincher film. The lighting is dark and moody, the shots are close and intimate feeling and the colors are perfectly desaturated.

I can’t wait to see this movie.


Things Melting: Chocolate Easter Bunny & Ice

The first official day of summer was less than a month ago, and every day it feels more like the northern hemisphere is being bombarded by some kind of cosmic hairdryer. I enjoy the videos above not in spite of the heat, but because I can so closely identify with the ice cube and chocolate bunny. Yes, like the bunny, my eyeballs are drooping into the pool that used to be my skin.  Yes, I am sweating as much as a melting ice cube. And yes, it’s only 10AM and already 90 degrees.

The video of the melting bunnies is one of my favorites: from the spray-painted bananas to the ripples of chocolate streaming down the contours of the confection. The video of the melting ice cube is newer, and I think the pace is quite relaxing, especially if the heat has you stressed (that is, unless you live in Greenland.)

Hong Kong Apartment Living

It is no secret that space is extremely tight in Hong Kong. Tiny, box-sized apartments are the norm and high-density living has naturally resulted in the necessity to be innovative with the use of both public and private space. I have friends who have been very clever in manipulating interior design effects to enlarge the perception of a small space, but not one has gone to lengths as spectacular as those of architect Gary Chang. Creating what he refers to as the “Domestic Transformer”, Chang has managed to squeeze 24 individual rooms into a small apartment, measuring 330 square feet, by means of sliding panels and walls.

I can’t fathom what it would actually be like to live in a moving space such as this, but I am in awe of the concept. The orange-tinted windows that bathe the apartment in warm light are incredible and I love the built-in hammock for his screening room. It will be interesting to see whether this is an architectural concept that will prove popular throughout Hong Kong and Asia as a whole.

Thanks to my best buddy and KN reader Sanna for forwarding this on to me!


Things From Today

I thought I’d try something kinda’ new called Things From Today, which is just a collection of the randomness I come across that I never end up posting. These aren’t meant to be very deep, just fleeting ideas that made a tiny impression on me. I’ll try and do these every other day or so, let me know if you think this is interesting or dumb.

1) Samus Aran Asuka from Evangelion Cosplay: Pretty damn amazing. I’m sure this is the wet dreams of millions of nerds around the world.

2) Apple Face Time Videos: These made me cry. All of them.

3) Brown Leather Shorts from Bottega Veneta, shot by The Sartorialist: I could never wear these but I know a guy who kill for them.

4) Braun Atelier 1-7 Speaker L1, Designed by Dieter Rams: One of the most beautiful pieces of machonery in the world.

5) Muff Magazine, a magazine for hair lovers designed by Ramon Coronado: A great cover and filled with wonderful spreads and layouts.