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Claire Morgan

I guess we’re feeling artsy on the site today, like museum grade art (yes, Woody Allen belongs in a museum). The amazing images above, which was inspired by Alex’s post on Damian Ortega, are from Irish artist Claire Morgan. Claire works primarily in the field of “organic matter”, creating installations out of deceased critters and other natural materials like feathers. The effect is absolutely stunning, like I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this before.

The placement and organization of all the elements seem so precise and surgical. I don’t know if any of these have deeper meanings but I think aesthetically they’re perfect. I think a “hidden” element to the overall feeling of these is the lighting, which really helps give these pieces some depth and mood. I’m really curious to know how long it takes her to put one of these sculptures together. And where on earth do you find so many dead flies?

There’s so much more work on her site to look at, it’s like a treasure trove.
Click here for lots more.

Found via Yewknee


Robin F. Williams

This morning I’ve been consumed with the oil paintings of Robin F. Williams, a Brooklyn painter who graduated from RISD in 2006. Honestly it’s been a while since I’ve been so excited by a painter, but Robin’s work is phenomenal. I think it’s something in the way that the details and highlights are rendered that seem totally flawless. In the top image I love the reflections in the ornaments, in the second it’s the ruffles in her dress, in the third it’s the inner tube in the water and in the last it’s tiny, perfect details in her veil.

Most of the paintings are rather large, anywhere from 20″ to 60″, so I’m sure getting to see these up close and in real life would be fantastic. I want one of these in my home so very badly.


Woody Brooch by Sniffle Co.

In my final year of high school I experienced what could best be described as serious Woody Allen mania. Voraciously working my way through films such as Annie Hall, Manhattan, Bullets over Broadway, Husbands and Wives and The Purple Rose of Cairo, I felt that I had found the auteur that best suited my own world weariness and teenage malaise. Obviously, the clever designers at Sniffle Co. share my enthusiasm for Mr. Allen and have created this rather delightful brooch that allows the wearer to stylishly proclaim their love for the director. It is undoubtedly the perfect accessory to complete an Annie Hall-inspired look.


Damian Ortega

Maybe if I study the work of Damian Ortega closely enough, I won’t look as dumbfounded the next time I go to change my oil and am told “The seal on your left wheel bearing is cracked, probably because the caliper is partially seized and causing excess dust from your brake pads because your rotors are warped.” I don’t know what this means, but in English it translates to something like “you will soon find yourself poor.”

If you live on the east coast, you may have seen Ortega’s work at the ICA not too long ago, in an exhibition titled Do It Yourself, or if you lived in LA five years ago you may have seen his work at MOCA. Of course, there are other artists whose work features exploding cars, like Cai Guo-Qiang and Jeremy Deller, but they won’t help you have a conversation with a mechanic.


‘Surf Noir EP’ by Beat Connection

<a href="">Sunburn by Beat Connection</a>

Earlier today I came across Beat Connection, a Seattle duo comprised of Jordan Koplowitz and Reed Juenger who make some pretty rad music. They have a new EP out called Surf Noir which is a nice little electronic album that’s been helping me out while I design today. It’s shaping up to be an amazing summer album, lots of laid back sounding sounds, some even have pan flutes. I dunno, I’m shit at trying to describe what it sounds like so listen to the entire album above. Or better yet, download the whole thing cuz it’s totally free from their BandCamp. Awesome, right?


The Brothers Bray & Co Work Shoe for Sebago

I’m so happy with the new Sperry Topsiders I purchased not too long ago but this work shoe collaboration between The Brothers Bray (aka Billykirk) and Sebago is definitely piquing my interest. I really love the unfinished suede (or whatever it’s called) which gives it a more rough, natural feeling. For some reason that means summer to me, though I’m sure these would eb great in the fall and winter as well. I also like that there are real laces and not pieces of leather, which in my experience tend to untie/fall out constantly. For more info and photos click the link above.


Camo Is Making A Comeback

Last week I tweeted about a camo Nom de Guerre shirt/jacket (as seen in the bottom image) I had recently bought and asked people’s opinion about how it looked, curious what people thought. About 10 or 15 years ago you might remember how popular camo was, I think you could by any article of clothing in the stuff. Due to an over-saturation or a general annoyance camo fell out of favor… to plaid, I would assume.

Recently though I keep seeing plaid pop-up all over the place, especially in the more high end areas of fashion. The images above are a sampling of things I found rather easily. The reportage style photos were taken by Tommy Ton a month ago for GQ at European Fashion Week and as you can see it was out in force. Could any normal joe off the street pull some of this stuff off? No, but I believe it’s a sign that we’re in for a camo renaissance.

The Creative Recreations at top also caught my eye, they’re like a refined camo that isn’t too over the top, something you could wear on a daily basis.

What do you think? Is camo able to make a well designed return or is it the bastard pattern child?


Mark Weaver

Earlier, when Bobby said that he had come across some updated images on flickr, I thought that Mark Weaver must have changed his name.  I had just seen this upload from Mark, and remember the many times that Mark has been featured or mentioned on +KN. That, and the images look like they would be friends.

I’ll echo what Bobby said earlier:  Mark makes amazing work that reminds me of the film strips I saw in science class as a third grader; the guy is unstoppable (and you should hire him to design your next _______).

Wedding programs are not an acceptable answer unless you’re getting married in outer space.