Kenneth Anger for Missoni

I’m totally in awe of this new Missoni ad directed by short film maker Kenneth Anger. I wasn’t very familiar with his work but after reading about him on WIkipedia, which is a pretty epic entry, the guy sounds amazing. He’s made a ton of short films in his life (he was born in 1927!), most of which have created quite a stir. He was also friends with people like Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page, who even created the music to some of his movies.

Well at the age of 83 Mr. Anger has created this beautiful short film for the Italian fashion houes Missoni. The short is a beautiful collage of images, ranging from beautiful women in patterned gowns, falling water, flowers blooming and moons rising… very Anger-esque imagery. It seems like Missoni is trying to brand itself as something much more edgy, as they just had Juergen Teller shoot their spring/summer 2010 campaign. I’m all for it, personally, I think they’re creating some wonderfully weird stuff.

Found through Selectism


July 29, 2010