‘Burnt Drive Drive’ by Scott Foley

After spending the vast majority of my morning viewing the superb collection of videos by Scott Foley on Vimeo, I have developed a rather intense crush. From his choice of music and layering of sound bites from other films to his dreamy and vintage aesthetic to the fonts of his titles, I am giddily in love with every element of Foley’s short films. So much so that I found it extremely difficult to choose just one video to share.

The featured video, “Burnt Drive Drive”, is simply described as “a cacophony of summer memory” and is accompanied by the gorgeous song “Lately (Deuxième)” by Memoryhouse. Unfolding in a series of mnemonic snapshots, Foley’s video conjures up the restless heat of summer days and hallucinatory travels on highways. I could continue rhapsodising, but I think I’ll just let the video speak for itself.


July 29, 2010