Claire Morgan

I guess we’re feeling artsy on the site today, like museum grade art (yes, Woody Allen belongs in a museum). The amazing images above, which was inspired by Alex’s post on Damian Ortega, are from Irish artist Claire Morgan. Claire works primarily in the field of “organic matter”, creating installations out of deceased critters and other natural materials like feathers. The effect is absolutely stunning, like I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this before.

The placement and organization of all the elements seem so precise and surgical. I don’t know if any of these have deeper meanings but I think aesthetically they’re perfect. I think a “hidden” element to the overall feeling of these is the lighting, which really helps give these pieces some depth and mood. I’m really curious to know how long it takes her to put one of these sculptures together. And where on earth do you find so many dead flies?

There’s so much more work on her site to look at, it’s like a treasure trove.
Click here for lots more.

Found via Yewknee


July 28, 2010